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Haemodialysis Center

Our Center is the pioneer hemodialysis center of Upper Myanmar, established in 1999. It offers a wide range of facilities for patients with acute or chronic renal failure requiring dialysis treatment. Our services are provided by a team of professional nephrologists, nurses, and staffs, who are committed to maintain high standards of care and safety by monitoring the quality of our services and facilities. We also provide a comprehensive care with nutritionists for people with nutritional requirements.

  • 24 – hour monitoring devices
  • Blood pumps
  • Heparin infusion pumps
  • Water purification systems (Deionization system and Reverse osmosis system)
  • Water softening systems for patients who are dialyzed via reverse osmosis purification system
  • Dialyzers and dialysis delivery systems

Patients can choose to undergo the procedures in either outpatient or inpatient settings in a comfortable environment.

Service Hours : 6 am – 4 pm