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Operation Theater

Our Operation Theater is designed to create a comfortable and secure environment, capable of performing surgeries safely. It is facilitated with modern equipment such as good quality OT beds, OT lights, diathermy machines, suctions, multipara monitors, etc. A team of expert surgeons, well trained nurses and staffs follow the safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of the patients.

Our Operation Theater comprises of 5 operating rooms and 1 labour room, focusing in 6 core areas such as ENT, orthopaedics surgery, neurosurgery, urosurgery, general surgery and OG.

Its Remarkable Milestones

In Upper Myanmar, Mandalar’s Operation Theater is the pioneer theater of a private hospital where the following cases were performed successfully.

  • Total Hip Replacement & Total Knee Replacement in 2016
  • Brain Tumour Surgery in mid – 2018
  • Shoulder & Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in 2018
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in 2018

Post – operative care commences immediately after surgery in recovery rooms adjacent to theaters. Advancement in surgical equipment and techniques have significantly improved the post – op conditions of the patients such as early recovery, less complications, shorter hospital stays and better aesthetic outcomes. In some cases which require critical care, multidisciplinary approach is initiated to monitor extensively in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).